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Veterans Hunt Program

Richard Teague​ – Selection Committee​


Applications for hunting are due no later than June 15th.

 Rocky Mountain Veterans’ Hunts & Excursions (RMVHE) will be offering special hunts across Western Colorado for veterans.  The hunts are designed to recruit, encourage and retain veterans to get involved in outdoor activities.  The hunts are designed to be therapeutic in nature.  Hunts that may be offered include; elk, deer, antelope, bear, lion and turkey.  The number of licenses and species for hunting will be determined at a later date.  Space is limited depending on the number of licenses.  All hunts are fair-chase hunts.  Selection criteria is located below. 

If you would like to apply to participate in one of these programs, please follow these directions:

1. Fill out the application.  Please attached a copy of your DD214.

2. Fill out the section(s) for the program(s) you wish to apply towards.  You may apply for more than one type of program but will only be selected for one unless there is availability.  If you have hunted previously in the program you will be put on a waiting list.

3. You must have approval from your primary care physician if selected for a hunt.

4. You must meet all Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations in order to hunt.  Please contact CPW to obtain a brochure.

5. If you are a marijuana user, you are not eligible for the hunting program.

6. Mail completed application to:RMVHE, Inc.Attn: Selection CommitteeP.O. Box 1515Rifle, Colorado 81650 Applications for hunting are due no later than Jun 15th. 

Information will be processed and notification regarding results for hunting will be given by July 1st.  Late applications will be put on standby list.  This is an application, not a reservation.  You will be contacted by July 10th with information regarding whether you were selected for a hunt. For all hunts:  Veterans must meet all Colorado Parks and Wildlife guidelines and must have a valid hunter’s education card prior to applying, unless you were born before January 1st, 1949.  Please read the CPW regulations on hunting and fishing.  VETERAN SELECTION CRITERIA *Veterans wishing to participate in Outdoor Recreational Therapy Programs. 

Category 1:  Service-connected veterans who have not experienced hunting programs since becoming disabled or for a long period of time. 

Category 2:  Veterans who have not experienced outdoor programs for quite some time due to his/her disability. 

Category 3:  All veterans wishing to participate in an outdoor program. 

•​Selection will be made depending on criteria.

•​Wheelchair applicants will be selected on availability of space. Most programs ​will accommodate two wheelchair veterans.

•​If there are more applicants than availability spots, names will be put into a draw.

•​Veterans who participate in a program during the previous year may apply but ​selection priority will be given to veterans who have not participated previously.•​Veterans who were not selected will have a better chance of participating in ​future selection processes. You must apply each year.

•​Your medical doctor must approve you to participate in the program after you ​have been selected.

•​A licensed mental health care provider may be consulted if deemed necessary by ​the hunt coordinator.•​Colorado Parks and Wildlife may have additional criteria.

•​The hunt committee will evaluate all applications and make recommendations on ​if a veteran should participate and which hunt would be best suited for the ​veteran. 

Hunt Programs Goals: 

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1.​Provide a safe, quality and enjoyable outdoor program to share in the spirit and ​tradition of the outdoors.

2.​Veteran will be as independent as he/she can be.

3.​To utilize adaptive equipment and techniques to help veterans overcome their ​barriers.

4.​Teach hunting ethics, regulations, tracking, proper ways to care for the ​animal.   General Information: The hunt programs will be set up through a cooperative program with the RMVHE and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The CPW will provide information on the types of programs available, type of species and the dates of the program. There may be additional hunting opportunities coordinated with private landowners and RMVHE to the veterans. Special outdoor programs may also be scheduled by the hunt coordinator. Availability for hunts will depend on the number of licenses and accessibility of the property. Generally, most programs will accommodate two to six veterans participating. Some properties will have cabins, beds, running water, indoor toilet facilities, etc. (All the accommodations of home). Other properties will require you to sleep in a tent on a cot, outdoor toilets, no running water, etc. (roughing it). The weather conditions vary during the hunting season, please be prepared for warm, cold, sunny, rainy and snowy conditions. You will need to have your doctor’s clearance. Please take in to account your own medical issues before applying, such as; how you do at higher elevations, how you do in a variety of different weather patterns, physical fitness, breathing problems, etc. 

Veterans will be required to furnish items for the programs:​

•​Transportation: 4-wheel drive preferred (Optional)​

•​Hunter’s Safety Card Required, unless born before January 1, 1949​•​Gun (Optional, can be furnished with signed liability waiver)​

•​Ammunition (Optional, can be furnished with signed liability waiver)

​•​Sleeping bag (Optional)


​•​Medications that need to be taken independently.  We would like a list of ​​​your medications that can be sealed in an envelope, only to be opened in ​​​case of a medical emergency.  Please advise of special health issues so that ​​the hunts can be tailored to accommodate.​

•​Processing of animal (Conditional, will discuss if excepted)

​•​Transportation of animal (Conditional, will discuss if excepted)

​•​Any taxidermy costs Food, drinks, cots, tents, toiletry items will be provided by the RMVHE. If you have any special dietary needs, you will need to make a comment on your application and/or bring food that you like to snack on.


Guides will be provided for each veteran on the hunts. The guide will assist you to where you need to go, locate animals, safe shots, and will assist you with dressing your animal for you. Rifles will have a scope. You will be responsible for transporting your meat and getting it processed. Everybody will be required to sign a liability release form for the hunting program (these will be provided to veterans who are selected). Every veteran selected will be required to meet with the hunt coordinator to (discuss goals) and attend meetings. We will be hunting primarily on private land, there will be some rules everybody is expected to follow. Rules will be handed out to individuals who are selected for the programs. Everybody needs to respect the private land, leaving it in the same condition or better than when we came in. Veterans who are not selected will be put on a waiting list. If an individual cannot go the person at the top of the list will be notified. Veterans not selected will have priority over individuals selected in future selection processes. If you are not selected, you will be notified of other hunts with availability. Veterans who meet the disability requirements for the DOW may also apply for an accommodation permit that will allow your guide to assist you with putting an animal down when injured, tracking, and/or allow you to shoot from a vehicle. This will be done after the selection process. Veterans who are selected will be required to pass a firearms background check to ensure eligibility to possess firearms. Veterans who are selected will be required to sign Waiver of Liability.


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